Clinically proven and certified for the medical treatment of sport injuries

For most people, it is not a question of how to recover, but how to recover as fast as possible. Having a focused strategy for recovery is instrumental towards enabling an early return to sports.

HPL Therapy controls the inflammation and stimulates the early start of the healing process, thus systematically reducing the recovery time from the onset of injury.

HPL Therapy promotes wound healing and accelerates tissue regeneration. It improves the tensile strength of tendons, helping athletes to shorten the healing time of various sport injuries like:

  • Muscle spasms and knots

  • Sprains

  • Strains

  • Tendonitis

  • Ligament and muscle tears

  • Contusions

  • Tennis elbow/golfer’s elbow

  • Shoulder rotator cuff strain

  • Calf and hamstring injuries

  • Swelling

  • Desmorrhexis (ligament tear)

  • Myorrhexis (muscle tear)

  • Pre & post training stiffness

  • Plantar fasciitis




The pain during the recovery process and even beyond is a very common and troublesome condition in sports medicine. HPL therapy is an excellent and effective therapeutic tool in the treatment of any pain, and can also be an integral part of the treatment protocols applied in physical therapy and rehabilitation.

Treatment with HPL can be safely used as supportive and effective treatment to control the pain and support the physiotherapy.

The cellular and molecular processes triggered by HPL therapy are multiple

and include:

  • Brings relief to aching muscles

  • Soothes muscle and joint pain

  • Optimizes muscle metabolism, accelerates tissue healing

  • Increases the range of active and passive movements of joints

  • Allows quicker recovery of muscular and joint activity

  • Reduces inflammations and swellings

  • Stimulates fibroblast and collagen production, improving the tensile strength of the tissues

  • Improves blood microcirculation to foster tissue regeneration

Those mechanisms act in synergy to reduce inflammation and pain, to reduce the recovery time, to improve the regeneration of tissues and to increase the range of motion

With the addition of the C60 fullerene, HPL is converted into  Hyper harmonised quantum light with perfect geometric structure, which influences exposed cells to harmonise with its perfect molecular structure, restoring damaged, diseased or unhealthy cells to healthy, functional, perfectly structured cells.


Book a double C60 HPL therapy treatment. 

For when more than one area is to be treated or when combining C60 HPL with colour HPL therapy.

You should allow 30 minutes for this appointment.


For general application, covering a typical range of symptoms, we offer a selection of treatment courses.

If your symptoms require more intensive, or long term treatment, please book a consultation and we will customise a treatment plan for you.


Our sports injury treatment plans are for single or double applications of therapy.

(If you require more than two applications areas per treatment, please book a consultation and we will customise a treatment plan for you).

Single applications are for when one area is to be treated.

Double applications are for when more than one area is to be treated or when combining C60 HPL with colour HPL therapy.

You can book 1, 2 or 4 weeks of therapy. (1 week is 5 daily treatments)

Each treatment takes only 10 minutes.

Appointments last 15 - 30 minutes.

To book online, click “book now” on either single or double application Treatments.

Select date & time of your first treatment. & click “next”

You will then be offered the option to select your treatment plan.

After making your payment you will then be able to book the remaining treatments.


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Single application C60 HPL therapy sports injury treatments.