Unhealthy lifestyle habits as well as an aging population have resulted in a dramatic increase of various health conditions becoming an ever-increasing burden to the health care system. This could not be more evident than in the ill-preparedness of the health care sector to cope with the pandemic of COVID 19.

Bioptron AG is a well-established Swiss company, specialized in the field of medicine and health care that has for the past 30 years provided safe, noninvasive and effective medical Hyperlight therapy to prevent and treat illnesses and improve lives.


Bioptron Hyperlight therapy reinforces the immune system, increases the capacity to fight against disease and accelerates recovery. BIOPTRON Hyperlight therapy is a unique method of immunomodulation. It supports our body in case of immunodepression, for example, in a post-surgery period, in oncology patients or in the case of previous respiratory diseases - in the situations where the immune system is affected and unable to protect the organism adequately. Bioptron Hyperlight therapy has also successfully been used as a conjunctive therapy to effectively strengthen the immune system and support the fight against any disease. COVID-19 provokes an immunosuppressive condition, worsening different pathologies that in other context would not carry bigger consequences. Faced with no available cure, the population is frantically embracing stricter hygiene routines and protecting themselves by staying isolated or by using masks.

The best protective measure is to strengthen the immune system that will help the body to effectively fight viruses and bacteria. This is especially important for the frail population, with already existing chronic conditions which complicate their health and facilitate the onset of an infection by other viruses or bacteria, aggravating their medical condition.

Bioptron Hyperlight Therapy stimulates the production of specific cytokines (small molecules acting as messengers between immune cells) that activate the cellular immunity, increasing the anti-viral and the anti-bacterial defence of the human body. It also normalises other blood indexes (leukocytes count, the level of inflammatory markers and immunoglobulins) which contribute to maintaining a strong and efficient immune system.

Only optimised defence will assure a more effective and a successful fight against external pathogens!

In leukocytes and other cells, Bioptron Hyperlight Therapy models DNA synthesis to adapt the immune response to an antigenic stimulus. Some cellular mechanisms of immune cells are enhanced, like antibody production and phagocytic activity of monocytes and granulocytes (capacity to ingest and destroy particles such as viruses, bacteria or tumour cells). The immune cells responsible for orchestrating a coordinated and effective anti-viral and anti-bacterial response are more active and structurally modified to give a precise defence.

Using Bioptron Hyperlight Therapy on the low back region, the forehead and/or the sternum for only 10 minutes a day, will reinforce the immune system, increasing its capacity to defend the whole organism against external pathogens.

Easy to use. Painless. Time-effective. Economical. No known side effects. Suitable for everybody.

Bioptron Hyperlight therapy reinforces the immune system, increases the capacity to fight against disease and accelerates recovery. This scientific study proves the beneficial use of Bioptron devices to resist viral infections, and, more specifically, the influenza virus. The reinforcement of the immune system allows the organism to decrease the capacity of the virus to infect and spread into tissues, improving the survival rate and the recovery process.

















In an experimental setup, mice were infected with influenza virus H1N1 AP/R/8/34 (the flu virus) in different doses (lethal and sublethal) (ref. Anthology, 2002). Half of them were used as the control group (infected with the virus) and the other half was treated with Bioptron twice a day for 11 days. The researchers measured the survival rate of the mice, the hemagglutinin levels (virus protein implicated in the fusion of viral particles with cells) and the infectious titer in the lungs and the blood serum of both groups of mice. First conclusion of these studies is that 0% of the mice infected with the lethal dose of virus survived, but in the mice infected with the same dose and treated with Bioptron the survival rate was 20%. The same effect was reported in the mice with sublethal dose: without Bioptron, the survival was 50%, and with Bioptron, the survival was 80%. The scientists discovered that 14 days after infection, the lungs and the blood of the animals not treated with Bioptron were very affected by the viral infection - with high levels of hemagglutinin and high infection rate, which indicate high viral propagation in mice tissues. On the contrary, the mice treated with Bioptron showed four times less hemagglutinin levels in the lungs and blood, and the infection rate was reduced more than 20 times. The decreased levels of the virus show that its reproduction was suppressed under the influence of Bioptron Hyperlight Therapy. This result shows an increase in the survival index of tested animals. Mice treated with Bioptron were capable of fighting and controlling the influenza virus infection more effectively.

Conclusion. Treatment with Bioptron Hyperlight Therapy leads to the restoration of the protective activity of the blood. This impairs the reproduction of the virus and the viral infection of cells, thus increasing the survival of animals.


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