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HPL Quantum Hyperlight activates nonspecific cellular and humoral immunities by several means. It first eradicates pathogenic microorganisms and stimulates natural killer cells.

HPL Therapy stimulates the production of specific cytokines (small molecules acting as messengers between immune cells) that activate the cellular immunity, increasing the anti-viral and the anti-bacterial defence of the human body. It also normalises other blood indexes (leukocytes count, the level of inflammatory markers and immunoglobulins) which contribute to maintaining a strong and efficient immune system.

Only optimised defence will assure a more effective and a successful fight against external pathogens!

In leukocytes and other cells, HPL Therapy models DNA synthesis to adapt the immune response to an antigenic stimulus. Cellular mechanisms of immune cells are enhanced, like antibody production and phagocytic activity of monocytes and granulocytes (capacity to ingest and destroy particles such as viruses, bacteria or tumour cells). The immune cells responsible for orchestrating a coordinated and effective anti-viral and anti-bacterial response are more active and structurally modified to give a precise defence.

A single treatment of HPL Therapy on the low back region, the forehead and/or the sternum for only 10 minutes a day, will reinforce the immune system, increasing its capacity to defend the whole organism against external pathogens.

Easy to use. Painless. Time-effective. Economical. No known side effects. Suitable for everybody, all ages, including children and babies.


HPL therapy reinforces the immune system, increases the capacity to fight against disease and accelerates recovery. Scientific studies prove the beneficial use of Bioptron devices to resist viral infections, and, specifically, the influenza virus. The reinforcement of the immune system allows the organism to decrease the capacity of the virus to infect and spread into tissues, improving the survival rate and the recovery process.

With the addition of the C60 fullerene, HPL is converted into  Hyper harmonised quantum light with perfect geometric structure, which influences exposed cells to harmonise with its perfect molecular structure, restoring damaged, diseased or unhealthy cells to healthy, functional, perfectly structured cells.


For general application, covering a typical range of symptoms, we offer a selection of treatment courses.

If your symptoms require more intensive, or long term treatment, please book a consultation and we will customise a treatment plan for you.


Our treatment plans are based on proven medical and scientific research.

(1 week is 5 daily treatments)

Immune System Treatment is available as a 2 or 4 week course of 15 minute daily appointments.

Blood Cleanse Treatment is available as a 2 or 4 week course of 15 minute daily appointments.

Virus/Anti-Virus Treatment is available as a 2 or 4 week course of 25-30 minute daily appointments.

Disease Treatment is available as a 2 or 4 week course of 40-45 minute daily appointments.

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Immune system C60 HPL therapy treatment. 

Blood cleanse C60 HPL therapy treatment.