What is HPL - Hyperpolarized & Hyperharmonized C60 structured light

Bioptron AG is a well-established Swiss company, specialized in the field of medicine and health care that has for more than 30 years provided safe, noninvasive and effective medical HPL to prevent and treat illnesses and improve lives.


HPL therapy reinforces the immune system, increases the capacity to fight against disease and accelerates recovery. Hyperlight therapy is a unique method of immunomodulation. It supports our body in case of immunodepression, for example, in a post-surgery period, in oncology patients or in the case of previous respiratory diseases - in the situations where the immune system is affected and unable to protect the organism adequately. HPL therapy has also successfully been used as a conjunctive therapy to effectively strengthen the immune system and support the fight against any disease.

The best protective measure is to strengthen the immune system that will help the body to effectively fight viruses and bacteria. This is especially important for the frail population, with already existing chronic conditions which complicate their health and facilitate the onset of an infection by other viruses or bacteria, aggravating their medical condition.

HPL therapy stimulates the production of specific cytokines (small molecules acting as messengers between immune cells) that activate the cellular immunity, increasing the anti-viral and the anti-bacterial defence of the human body. It also normalises other blood indexes (leukocytes count, the level of inflammatory markers and immunoglobulins) which contribute to maintaining a strong and efficient immune system.

Only optimised defence will assure a more effective and a successful fight against external pathogens!

In leukocytes and other cells, HPL therapy models DNA synthesis to adapt the immune response to an antigenic stimulus. Some cellular mechanisms of immune cells are enhanced, like antibody production and phagocytic activity of monocytes and granulocytes (capacity to ingest and destroy particles such as viruses, bacteria or tumour cells). The immune cells responsible for orchestrating a coordinated and effective anti-viral and anti-bacterial response are more active and structurally modified to give a precise defence.

Using HPL Therapy on the low back region, the forehead and/or the sternum for only 10 minutes a day, will reinforce the immune system, increasing its capacity to defend the whole organism against external pathogens.

Easy to use. Painless. Time-effective. Economical. No known side effects. Suitable for everybody.


C60 HPL - The Bioptron medical Hyperpolarized light - HPL (harmonized light with perfectly ordered photons) is a unique revolutionary feature in healing technology, and now with additional benefits of extraordinary molecule perfection with the addition of Fullerene C60. It is widely accepted that fullerenes are the strongest known antioxidants.

What started as an astrochemistry project with focus on analyzing the makeup of space and celestial bodies in the universe, ended up sparking a major breakthrough in carbon chemistry with the discovery of a third and unprecedented new allotropic form of elemental carbon in nature: the fascinating fullerene C60 arranged in a pattern of 20 hexagons and 12 pentagons with the icosahedral symmetry (the other two forms of carbon in nature are graphite and diamond).

This serendipitous discovery of C60 awarded in 1996 with the Nobel Prize in chemistry, triggered a new field of research introducing the world to new symmetric nanomaterials, thus opening an entirely new chapter of nanotechnology and nanomedicine: the studies led scientists and engineers to think of the multiple applications that the C60 could contribute (e.g. new cancer treatments, lightweight batteries, powerful rocket fuels, just to state a few examples).

Many people have discovered the remarkable healing benefits from the use of Shungite which has been widely used since the 18th century. It has been scientifically proven that Shungite can purify water in 24 hours and cleanse bacteria, chlorine, heavy metals, nitrates, pesticides, and pharmaceuticals from water. This is due to Shungite being the only mineral that is a natural carrier of C60 fullerenes.

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Inspired by the energetic healing properties of this fullerene molecule and understanding the biology of life, Bioptron have created and patented a Fullerene Nanophotonic Filter capable of producing totally new revolutionary hyperpolarized light technology. This nanophotonic filter acts as a generator which transforms the existing Bioptron vertical linearly polarized light into a inverted form of ordered structured hyperharmonized light which greatly positively influences the cellular structures of our body. The hyperharmonized structured light* interacts with structured matter** that shares the same properties of symmetry: HPL transfers the energetic state of ideal harmony of C60 into the body inducing harmonization and equilibrium in energetically disturbed biological structures; accelerating natural healing and regenerative processes. The often quoted saying that “nature loves symmetry” reaffirms this idea: in nature, the resonance interaction occurs if two entities possess similar symmetries; the more harmonized entity (such as HPL) will prevail and will impose its symmetry on the other entity (bio-structures); restoring the disturbed symmetry properties in biological structures and biomolecules (biomolecules absorb energy that results from the electrical and magnetic characteristics of hyperharmonized photons). In effect, under the influence of hyperpolarized light, the cell is stimulated to heal itself, regaining its natural equilibrium and it's energetic properties. With the addition of the C60 fullerene, HPL is converted into  Hyper harmonised quantum light with perfect geometric structure, which influences exposed cells to harmonise with its perfect molecular structure, restoring damaged, diseased or unhealthy cells to healthy, functional, perfectly structured cells.

Molecule Fullerene C60 /* HPL: perfectly ordered and harmonized light with structured photons = **structured matter (our body -75 % of biological structures in the human body: biomolecules and biostructures, water chains and clusters, clathrin, microtubules, collagen, centrioles, targets, flagella etc.) also possess HPL type of symmetry.

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